Dave Mattacks – Paul McCartney, Elton John, Jimmy Page, George Harrison

“These washers are a great help. The combination of helping reduce tension rod slippage and also preventing any metal-to-metal contact at low tensions is a good thing. They are really helpful!” -Dave Mattacks

Dave Mattacks’ discography includes 5 CD’s with Paul McCartney & various CD’s / tours with Elton John, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, Everything But The Girl, Sandy Denny, Chris Rea, XTC, Jethro Tull, Joan Armatrading, Brian Eno, Nick Drake, [“Procul Harum’s”] Gary Brooker, Peter Green, John Gorka, John Martyn, The Proclaimers, Cat Stevens & Loudon Wainwright.


Dave Mattacks – Independent
Boston, MA

Lester Estelle Jr.- Kelly Clarkson, Pillar

“Super excited to be rocking these sleeved washers. I don’t like the metal on metal contact so this a killer solution. I originally got them for my vintage drums to help out with tuning and functionality. Now I’ll be putting these on all my drums! Thanks so much guys for a great product!” – Lester Estelle Jr.


Lester Estelle Jr. – Kelly Clarkson & Pillar
Nashville, TN

Steve More – The Mad Drummer/Drummer at the Wrong Gig

“I was immediately interested in SLEEVED WASHERS because they “made sense” to me! Things don’t have to be complicated to be GOOD. A paperweight (as simple as it may seem) is a great solution to keeping your papers from flying across the room. SLEEVED WASHERS eliminate metal to metal contact, and keep your drum in tune. How could they “not” work? They just make sense!!! Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of SLEEVED WASHERS. Most great inventions are the simple ones.” – Steve Moore


Steve Moore – Rick K. & the Allnighters
Buckhannon, WV

Kent Aberle

“Think the washers you use on your kit aren’t important? Think again! I picked up some of the Hendrix Drums Sleeved Washers when I was changing heads before a tour and I was extremely impressed by the difference they made. The sleeved washers prevent metal to metal contact between the tension rods and the hoops whether it was on the triple flange hoops on my toms or the die-cast hoops on my snare. The smoother turn gave me more precise tuning allowing me to tune my drums much lower than before with no worry of rattling from a loose tension rod. They also hold the tension rod more true for a longer period of time when I want to tune my drums up to a higher pitch. I spent less time tuning my drums on tour after I started using the Hendrix Drums Sleeved Washers. The great price also makes them a no-brainer. Check them out!!” – Kent Aberle


Kent Aberle – Nigredo
Atlanta, GA

Fran Merante

“I love the little things that make a BIG difference when it comes to drums. The SLEEVED WASHERS design is without a doubt one of those things! With SLEEVED WASHERS, my drums stay in tune much longer. I really believe that the only reason I have to retune now is because of head stretch. I can tune lower without having to worry about tension rods coming loose and rattling due to the fact that there is no metal to metal contact between the rods and the hoop. This is a BIG DEAL when recording! Its also great to not have to tweak drums on a gig. I tune them before I start playing and that is it! Tuning the drums by feel is also much easier as you get a smooth turn which allows you to be able to really dial the heads in! There are companies that advertise special tuning lugs to keep their drums from going out of tune. All you need are the Sleeved Washers! I started with the Sleeved Washers on by Snare and after a week decided that they would have to go on every single tension rod of every one of my drums. YES…THEY ARE THAT ESSENTIAL!! ” – Fran Merante


Fran Merante – Concepts In Drumming
Northford, CT

Dennis Leeflang

“My most recent discovery. These things don’t look like they would have all that much impact on a drum’s sound and function, but they sure as hell do! I actually compared the same snares, same heads, same tuning, one with SLEEVED WASHERS and one without, the one with them definitely had more tone and depth. Unbelievable! These washers eliminate all metal on metal contact between your tuning rods and drum hoops, therefore largely isolating vibrations from the hoop to the tuning rods, and to the lugs. It opens up a drum’s sound more than you’d expect and keeps drums in tune better. Two hours of playing with almost exclusively loud rim shots and not a single rod turned. Tuning drums “by feel” to get a basic starting point before fine-tuning by ear becomes easier, too, as the rods turn extremely smoothly and all you feel is the tension of the hoop on the head, directly into your drum key and fingers. ” – Dennis Leeflang


Dennis Leeflang – Independent
New York, NY

Donna Peters

“I love the way the sleeved washers make tuning my kit so much easier, and its quicker too. They also stop the tensions rods loosening off while playing and recording, which is really helpful! I put new heads on my snare and tuned them up before a gig. When the gig was over, there had been absolutely no movement on the tension rods at all! You’ll never have a tension rod falling out of the bottom of your drum again. The other ultra cool thing is that there is no metal to metal contact. You get no vibration noise at all, and you can tune the drums as low as you want without the tension rods rattling around. I love these little guys! Plus they look cool :-)” – Donna Peters

Donna Does Drums

Donna Peters – Donna Does Drums
Farnham, UK

Lee Davies

“After hearing about Hendrix Sleeved Washers I was intrigued… I like to tune my Toms and especially my Floor toms quite low, In the past ‘Rattling’ tension rods have been an issue under heavy playing environments. Not any more! There is also no more worrying about over doing the Rim Shots! These little washers dont look like they will make a difference but they do! How they haven’t been around long before now is beyond me!” Lee Davies

Lee Davies is an English drummer who has worked with artists such as Jerry Donahue, Lucie Silvas and Slack Alice and has carried out session work for Warner Bros. Records, Stanley House Studios (London) and Rollover Studios (London). As well as performing live and recording, Lee takes an active approach to teaching and has carried out workshops for companies such as the Academy of Sound in the UK, and has been featured online for Mike Dolbear Drums and has been published by Sound on Sound Magazine.


Lee Davies with Hendrix Drums Sleeved Washers Snare

Lee Davies – Independent
Manchester, UK

Shed Sessions – The Netherlands

“When I received the Sleeved Washers I immediately put them on my snare and was amazed that the product indeed increased the tonality of my snare. The sound is now brighter and sounds more natural. Now all my kits have them! Really amazed with Sleeved Washers because they colors really spice up your kit! I’m honored to be part of the Sleeved Washer Family!” Fabian Benjamins – Shed Sessions

“It’s a great product and it’s amazing how well it works. I like the colours too! We use them on our sheds and we just love how the kits look with the Sleeved Washers on them. Oh and did I mention the improvement on the sound of your drums? Just awesome!” Anthony Amirkhan – Shed Sessions


Fabian Benjamins – Shed Sessions
Anthony Amirkhan – Shed Sessions

Jesse Shelley

“When first hearing about the sleeved washers, I thought it to be a cool idea, but was honestly skeptical on how much of a difference they would actually make. After receiving the washers, and dressing my kit with them, I was amazed at how little I had to turn my drum key, to get the low tension I was looking for. You can literally finger tighten your tension rods, and not get that rattle. This is a huge plus to me, specifically, because of the way I like to tune my toms. My newest kit likes to be tuned a little higher than I am accustomed to, so thanks to these washers, I’ve been able to find that perfect compromise on tension. Another plus, is being able to pound the snot out of your drums, without having to tighten back up the rods between songs. I would recommend these to any drummer out there. No doubt that these will be on all my drums from now on.”


Jesse Shelley – Red Morning Voyage
Nashville, TN

Teddy Grant

“So far I have been able to put washers on 2 of my snare drums. One is a 14×7 Birch Snare drum the other is a 13×6.5 snare. The experience has been amazing with these snares. They are on the opposite tuning spectrum as each other and both have been able to stay in tune no matter how hard I play them.
This product definitely stays true to it’s word.”

Teddy is an up and coming artist in the Baltimore area. He recently won the Vic Firth Keith Carlock play along contest and has even had the privileged of sharing the stage with legendary bassist Victor Wooten. Keep an eye out for Teddy in the coming years, he, without a doubt, has a bright future in the industry.

Teddy Grant – Independent
Parkville, MD

Jon Ward

“I stumbled across SLEEVED WASHERS from a shared Facebook post from a fellow drummer. My immediate thought was, “I’m all over this”! I’ve always used nylon washers to prevent metal to metal contact from tension rod to hoop, but this is a New Level! The multi-functional uses you get from SLEEVED WASHERS is unsurpassed! The prevention of metal to metal, prevention of keyholing in the hoop and more consistent tuning without the “backing out” issue is nothing short of the “Perfect Trifecta”! The multi-color availability is a huge plus as well, a great addition to any kit to give it a little flare. CHECK EM OUT!! I’m sure as hell glad I did!!!” Jon Ward


Jon Ward – Faultline
Richmond, VA

Ryan Halsey

“I never really thought about the importance of a washer until I was introduced to these SLEEVED WASHERS. Not knowing what to expect I tried them out and noticed a difference straight away! The washers sit in the hoop nice and square, and when finger tightening there was a solid connection between the rod and the washer straight away. With flat washers you don’t get that immediately and there is a chance of the rod slipping and loosing tension. The SLEEVED WASHERS are great for floor toms as I can tune low without the worry of slippage or de-tuning in a hurry!”

Ryan Halsey – Independent
Bridport, UK

Oliver Greaves

“Being on tour, as well as doing studio and live work, I was always searching for that one thing that could help my sound from de-tuning. After using SLEEVED WASHERS I don’t have to think about retuning after every show. I can firmly say these are the best washers I have ever used. With these fitted on your drums you will never have to worry about the rattle of metal on metal, even if you tune your kit low.


Oliver Greaves – Independent
Barnsley, UK