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AJ Condosta drummer from Hit The Switch, Guttermouth and Jughead's Revenge with sleeved washers

“These little buddies saved my 5”x14” Brass over Nickel DW Drums snare! I was getting super tired of my 6 and 2 tension rods constantly vibrating loose mid show... I was so close to replacing this road warrior of a snare due to this issue. Well, the problem has been resolved thanks to these killer Sleeved Washers by the fine folks over at Hendrix Drums!! Give their pages a follow and pick some of these up for yourselves! Total life savers!”

AJ Condosta
Hit The Switch / Guttermouth / Jughead's Revenge

Casey Lewis - Belvedere - drummer

“Hendrix sleeved washers are the product that I wasn’t aware I’d been waiting for...such a simple idea that so vastly improves tunability, stability and playability that it makes you wonder why someone hasn’t thought of this before!”

Casey Lewis

Chris Dalley drummer from Authority Zero

“First time I used the sleeved washers, I put them on brand new heads. I was amazed on how well it kept my drums and especially my snare from de-tuning like most new heads do when you put them on.”

Chris Dalley
Authority Zero / Implants

Darick Sater drummer of Night Birds at his drum kit

“I was beyond stoked to receive my first bag of sleeves washers a bit ago and I can’t imagine life without them! Saving myself from having to tune up every single jam is a special bonus and anything drums is fun period. Get your kit dressed up with Hendrix Sleeved Washers Right Away. You won’t be let down”

Darick Sater
Night Birds

Etienne Dionne drummer of Canadian punk band MUTE with a huge tension rod and red sleeved washer

“As a drummer, there’s nothing worse than having to adjust your tuning during a live performance. Especially for the hard hitters out there, you know that dreadful feeling of having a loose rattling screw on your kit in the middle of a set. Hendrix’s sleeved washers are here to the rescue with a simple solution that gets the job done! I’ve been using them on all of my drums for a few months now and they’ve been a tremendous help keeping my drums in tune when I need it most!”

Etienne Dionne

Jarret Nathan of PEARS at his drum kit at a festival

"Sleeved washers are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. It's like 'Shrek is love Shrek is life' but for sleeved washers. Put em on your drums and you'll see."

Jarret Nathan

Kye Smith Australian independent artist at his drum kit

“Sleeved Washers have really been a game changer, I am finding that the kit is staying in tune for much longer so I can get straight into playing instead of taking care of maintenance every time I sit behind the kit.”

Kye Smith
Independent Artist

Nick Angelini of band A Wilhelm Scream playing drums

“Being a drummer that slams down a lot of rim shots, and a drum builder I have always been searching for better ways to keep my drums in tune. These HD sleeved washers are a simple yet effective way to make that happen.  The plastic sleeved washers eliminate metal on metal contact. Metal on Metal may be your favorite Anvil song, but it’s a sure-fire recipe for a out of tune drum.”

Nick Angelini
A Wilhelm Scream

Sean Sellers of California punk band Good Riddance playing a Hendrix Drums drum kit

"The Hendrix sleeved washers are a game changer for keeping your drums in tune while you are playing your drums like you hate them!!!”

Sean Sellers
Good Riddance / Pulley / Beasto Blanco

Tony Hajjar of Gone is Gone formerly of At the Drive In playing drums

“Originally, I wasn’t too sure how the sleeved washers would work, but after using them on a session I realized that I wasn’t touching up the tuning much where I hit the rim shot and on the bottom head of the snare. At that point, I was sold. Such an easy item to install and forget about. We have enough things to worry about as drummers!”

Tony Hajjar
Gone is Gone

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